Backmatter, Part 1: Le Terreur

High-concept: Sharpe meets Van Helsing, with a hint of Lovecraft for extra squishiness.

Overview: Robespierre never truly had control of the Elder Thing known as Le Terreur. The blood that the Republic spilled by guillotine and his Cult of the Supreme Being scattered in secret rituals was never enough to slake the creature’s thirst, and it brought madness and savagery to France as it howled out its hunger from the hidden summoning circle in the Bastille.

In 1795, a whiff of grapeshot and the slow drumbeat of ambition drew Le Terreur‘s attention. Under the cover of a sudden fever, the dark thing planted a tendril of itself in Napoleon’s soul, slowly taking root and leading him from victory to victory. Le Terreur grew within the Corsican until he rose from commander to First Consul and, over the beheaded corpse of Pope Pius VII, crowned himself Emperor of France and Rex Mundi, King of the World.

Now, as cults of mad incroyable bring Dionysian blood-rites to the City of Lights and nightmares roam the battlefield under Napoleon’s eagle, a few brave souls strike back, fighting a shadow war from Jesuit rectories, Hermetic sanctum sanctorum and British advance camps in an effort to push back the tide and send Le Terreur back beyond the stars.

System: A three-way tie between Savage Worlds, Deadlands and GURPS: Cabal/Age of Napoleon

Illustrator: Tony Harris

Director: Guillermo del Toro

Potential casting: David Thewliss, Brendan Gleeson, Sean Bean, Audrey Tatou, Tilda Swinton, Angelina Jolie as Josephine de Beauharnais and Giovanni Ribisi as Napoleon Bonaparte.

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