Backmatter Part 14: L’Abisso

High Concept: Prospero’s Books meets 28 Days Later
Genre: High, Dark, Lurid Renaissance-tinged post-apocalyptic fantasy

Overview: Before the end of the world, the island of Finzione was a forgotten ducal holding slowly sinking into a weed-choked swamp, home to a seedy harbor town and a fishing fleet that took to smuggling when the catch was light.

Now, the island is one of a handful of free ports not fallen to the Enemy.

The mainland (or, as it became known, La Buca) fell to the forces of evil centuries ago. Explorers who brave the roiling wall of smoke blocking the mainland tell tales of a sun that glares and gibbers over ruined cities, of cannibal tribes who mortified their flesh and hunted in the name of their demonic masters and of dark beasts who roam the halls of antiquity, crushing the jewel of civilization beneath their blood-caked talons.

The five merchant princes who found shelter on Finzione ignored those tales in favor of other stories. They followed rumors of vast wealth and powerful secrets hidden in the muck and shadow of the mainland. As they explored, prospected and grew rich, the corruption of La Buca drifted over the water to Finzione.

Now, the once-backward island has become a city of sparkling lights and deep shadows. Young bravos duel in the street over affairs of honor while masked revelers seek to hold back the darkness with wine and song. Arrogant magi and cunning strega twist the loom of fate while demons and their half-human spawn lurk in the shadows or plot in the halls of power. Condottiere carve kingdoms out of the chaos of La Buca with blade and bullet, bringing back riches for their masters. And above it all, the merchant princes gamble the fate of the saving remnant with unspeakable creatures from beyond the fixed stars.

System: Savage Worlds
Illustrator: Moebius

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