Backmatter Part 15: Operation Mandeville

High Concept: Band of Brothers meets Godzilla , with more H-bombs. Lots more H-bombs
Genre: Picaresque wainscoting atompunk sci-fi

Overview: There’s a reason that the Yalta conference was codenamed “Argonaut.”

The Big Three, and a few key players, knew that the stakes of the War were much greater than marks on a map. Soviet marksmen hunted werewolves through the streets of Stalingrad, British commandoes of the Long Range Desert Group gambled with djinn to turn them against the Germans and American OSS and FBI agents fought a shadow war against the Thule –Gesellschaft and the Kokuryūkai seeking to raise literal Hell on the home front.

At Yalta and Potsdam, the Big Three identified the battlefields of the next world war and steeled themselves to the task. The British took Western Europe and North Africa, continuing the shadow war fought by MI-∞ since its inception under John Dee. The Soviets would hunt behind the Iron Curtain of Eastern Europe, creating an atmosphere of terror and mistrust that helped the Enemy as much as it hindered him.

The United States, given responsibility over the Pacific front, took a different tack. Under the cover of “atmospheric nuclear testing,” a pitched battle was fought between U.S. forces and the daikaiju minions of the Hidden Shogun at Bikini Atoll, culminating in the use of two atomic bombs and the empowering of America’s second set of covert hypermen.

The conclusion of that battle pointed the way toward the most effective means of tackling America’s three million square miles of battlefield. A fleet of destroyers, scientific vessels and merchant ships plied the “Pacific Proving Ground,” deploying an army of Pacific War veterans, government sorcerers from the Oak Ridge research facility, fearless scientist-adventurers and the ever-growing army of atom-powered hypermen to follow The General’s “turn ‘em or burn ‘em” policy. The teams, working with extraordinary latitude, were charged with identifying potential threats, establishing alliances and, when needed, taking the fight to the enemy. Whether parleying with cargo cultists wielding Sirian superscience, infiltrating hidden Confederate slaveholds to see if the Knights of the Golden Circle are aiding the Hidden Shogun or fighting Black Dragon Society samurai for the fuel core of a millennia-old crashed vimana, the agents of Operation Mandeville work to keep the world safe from forces best left hidden.

Illustrator: Steven Sanders or, if I can’t get him, Alex Kubert
Director: Bryan Singer

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  1. Gregg says:

    Greetings, Program!

    Glad you made the jump. Know that the RSS feeds are locked in. Looking forward to more awesomeish content.

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