Backmatter Part 4: Haven

High Concept: Defending the Saving Remnant at the end of someone else’s world

Genre: Urban Horror/Dark Fantasy

Overview: To the 350,000 souls still living in Haven, the world has come to an end and they’ve been plunged into a watery Hell.

At the end of the day, the Senior Partners saw it as a simple hit. Admittedly, the target was a particularly troublesome world and its inhabitants, but the principle was the same: find a shooter, do the job and create plausible deniability.

Jenna Crowne, one of the firm’s most trusted junior partners, took to the job with her usual zeal. Worlds died, she surmised, when they were fated to die. Thus, the easiest way to kill this world and all the creatures upon it was to bring about an apocalypse. A manageable one.

Using ancient and grueling rituals, the city of Haven was stripped from the world’s memory and planted… elsewhere. The rituals drew creatures from across the creations, as they were supposed to, and the prophecy began to fall into place.

And now, as the waters rise and monsters knock at their door, a few brave souls try to fight the machinations around them and return to a world that has forgotten them.

System: Cinematic Unisystem/Angel RPG
Illustrator: Laurenn Mccubbin
Director: Floria Sigismondi
Potential casting: Jennifer Jason Leigh, Anna Paquin, Gary Oldman, Forest Whitaker, Edward Norton, Zeljko Ivanek,
Royalties paid in advance to: Joss Whedon and company (since I’m riding the Buffyverse like it’s Saturday night and I need to make rent) and Kenneth Hite for the outstanding horror campaign design template in GURPS: Horror.

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