Backmatter Part 5: Arcadia

Pitch-a-Week, Part the Fifth: Arcadia
High Concept: Last Call meets Dawson’s Creek

Genre: Modern horror/occult action

The casual visitor wouldn’t think of the town of Arcadia, Missouri, as the marshalling ground of the True King of the West.

Casual visitors, though, don’t tend to give much of a glance to Arcadia.

More than thirty years ago, an enterprising young sorcerer found untapped mystical power in the college town. Renaming himself J.R. “Rex” Monday, the magician wove a web of symbol, pageantry and subtext, turning the comings and goings of life in Arcadia in a knot until the town became a spell in and of itself. Monday, (who chose his name to ensure his status as Rex Mundi, King of the World, left his hair uncut to link himself to the Merovingian kings and always wore purple), lived with an eye toward his mystical Crown, secretly descending into a lower dimension every winter and emerging in Spring to tie himself more firmly to the cycles of the land.

Unfortunately, Monday wasn’t the only king in Arcadia. The world-shifting ritual which resulted in the the city of Haven disappearing from memory trapped an entity within the warp and weft of the town. This creature, known as the Red King, slumbered, casting off fragments of dream and drawing other pretenders to its mystical throne within its orbit.

As the most prominent pretender to the throne, Monday schemed to unseat the Red King, setting his son (Rex Monday, Jr.) up as a mystical proxy to distract the creature while he waged his war from his Siege Perilous.

And now, as Monday’s spells come to fruition, the Red King has begun to stir in its sleep, drawing Arcadia and the rest of the world further into the grip of its nightmares…

System: Cinematic Unisystem, Unknown Armies or Dreaming Cities
Illustrator: Freddie Williams II
Director: David Lynch
Potential casting: Sarah-Jane Redmond, Clancy Brown, Ian Somerhalter, Geoffrey Rush, Caroline Dhavernas, Lauren Ambrose
Royalties paid in advance to: Tim Powers, with a pittance to Joss Whedon (for once again, abusing the Buffyverse)

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