Wilkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome!

So, for those who’ve joined us mid-program, here ar ethe rules of the game.

Every week or so, a pitch will be posted for… a Thing. The Thing is a mutable thing, as I’ll include everything from role-playing games that could flex with the story to artists who’d do the Thing justice as a comic book to casting for the inevitable film adaptation. I also tend to list the artist or cultural figure from whom I filched chunks of idea to make my own.

Kenneth Hite should most likely get a monthly payment from me for all of these things. Which, given the number of his games I’ve bought over the years, he sort of does.

These Things, you see, are vast. They contain multitudes. And usually aliens.

Most importantly, these Things are live and ready to rock and roll. I’ve had one person stumble into a Thing and come out with Thunder Road. Ideally, all of the Things will find loving, lucrative homes. If not, though, they’re out there, roaming the streets and causing trouble.

As for me, I’m a would-be writer, now-and-again gamer and half-assed gleaner of esoterica. And, for purposes of our game… Ich bin euer Confrecier, je suis votre compère … I am you host!

I’ll start with some backmatter and open next week with Black Blood of the Earth, which is basically Declare meets Dynasty.

Yes. It’s often just that random.

Thanks for your time. Let’s play.

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