Pitch-a-Week, Part 16: al-Kitab

Title: al-Kitab
High Concept:  Semantics meet scimitars in a realm where words can create and destroy!
Genre: No holds barred Orientalist high fantasy

Overview: In the beginning, there was the Word, as everyone knows. The Creator of All turned to the north and said “Iron,” making it so. She turned to the south and said “Life,” making it so. She turned to the east and said “Silk” and said “Water” to the west, making it so. And at the center of the world, the Creator of All said “Sand.”

And, thus, the world was born. This is known to be so.

What the wise and wicked know, though, is that the Revelator spoke as the Creator of All turned her back. He turned north and said “Pain,” making it so. To the south, he said “Frenzy,” to the east “Decadence” and “Ruin” to the west.

And here, at the center of all things, he said “Faith,” making it so.

The lands of Faith and Sand have been a realm of wonders since time immemorial. The wise and wicked harness the Words of the Creator of All or the silences of the Revelator to draw wonder and power from the changeless stars, while brave swordsmen and cunning adventurers delve into mystery with wit and steel.  The desert yields great riches and great danger, as treasure-hunters find strange elixirs and machineries in the great Serpent King necropoli. Cruel sultans make a sport of war in the east, while the desert tribes fight and trade in the desert under the watchful eye of the Sheik of Sand.    

But turmoil has entered the world. Decadence and vice travel like a plague wind along the trade routes of the East, turning the faithful venal and treacherous. Strange beasts roam the desert sands, slouching from the South and falling under the sway of the long-slumbering Serpent Kings. And now, the Lady of Iron’s Penitent Legions march from the north, blood streaming from their blackened armor as they bring the Word of Pain to all who stand before their grand crusade.

And, as the Shekhina of Faith maintains a vigil before the rocky form of the Revelator, the Faithful rise up to ensure that their Word survives the final brush-stroke.

System: Nobilis or Savage Worlds

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