Pitch-a-Week Part 21: Fables of the Reconstruction

High Concept: Starfaring adventure in a galaxy under siege

Genre: Slightly mesquite-flavored space opera with a dusting of cyberpunk and packs of genetically altered hive-mind wolves.

Overview:  The Custodial Wars cast out a corrupt, callous kleptocracy, ensuring that every citizen of the Web of Stars has the opportunity to thrive, succeed and advance!
At least, that’s the official line, the past according to New Dawn Media.

For those who will admit to fighting for the Coalition, the war started when the hypercorporate Consortium bucked against what they declared “intolerable hobbling by a repressive nanny state.”

Thus, the Consortium denied the Coalition’s call for universal sufferage of all sentients, manufactured and otherwise, and went to war

The Coalition held the line easily, taking advantage of a vast advantage in manpower and materiel to push back early Consortium attacks. The Coalition celebrated its victories at New Istanbul, Hephasteus and Mananan, preparing for a swift resolution to the conflict.

The counterattack, when it came, was an unexpected as it was severe. Orbital strikes crushed villages in Tienyi, while tailored viruses wreaked havoc on Pyre and Von Daniken. Vicious, gene-boosted animals staged eerily synchronized terror attacks on the ice planet of Chernobog, while Jubilee and Esperanza fell to Manumission Brigades of bioengineered soldiers. By the time the beleaguered Coalition forces could respond, their capital at Liberty was under siege by mechanical soldiers bearing the livery of the newly incorporated Babbage-Vesper Corporation.

But, of course, history is written by the winners. The Consortium welcomed Tiamat Biogenics and Babbage-Vesper to the Board of Directors, the Coalition acknowledged its crimes and gave full custodial duties over to the Consortium until it completed reconstruction.

The War’s been over for five years. The Consortium’s member hypercorps run the coreward planets outright and hold significant sway over the spinward planets through control of the largest He-3 source in the inhabited galaxy.  The Coalition’s leaders have been exiled, its ships and crews scuttled and reconstruction is little more than a punchline. On the Spinward worlds, hope’s in short supply, power lies in the hands of those who have the ruthless might to keep it and settlers scrape by as best they can.

For those with quick wits or a fast ship, the Spin is filled with chances to make a living. Whether trading, bounty-hunting Mechanoix warbands in the depths of space or doomwolf packs in the wastes of Czernobog or raising the black flag in the name of the Coalition, the Web of Stars is not lacking in opportunity for the bold.

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