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Pitch-a-Week Part 28 – Scions of the Pallasite Throne

Genre: Wainscotting Ruritanian science fiction… or maybe scientifiction, depending. When asteroid mining magnate Roy Singleton declared himself “His Ducal Serene Highness Royal I, Grand Duke of 52 Europa,” the central Earth government saw it as one of dozens of publicity … Continue reading

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No time for love, Dr. Jones

So, Strange Horizons rejected Bad Beat without any commentary. Thus, I put my final draft out there for general consumption, as I love it enough to set it free. More followups to come.

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Pitch-a-Week Part 21: Fables of the Reconstruction

High Concept: Starfaring adventure in a galaxy under siege Genre: Slightly mesquite-flavored space opera with a dusting of cyberpunk and packs of genetically altered hive-mind wolves. Overview:  The Custodial Wars cast out a corrupt, callous kleptocracy, ensuring that every citizen … Continue reading

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Backmatter Part 9: Ad Astra

High Concept: “The Right Stuff” meets “Master and Commander” Genre: Scientific Romance meets modern conspiracy Overview: “NASA always knew. “It stands to reason, really. Ever since Jefferson, NASA (then known as the National Astro-Nautical Survey Administration) had secretly collected the … Continue reading

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